Bismillah… here comes my first post here.

I chose to write in English here mainly because I’ve always wanted to write in English. I have another blog started since 2006 which lately I found it harder to keep writing there, but it still had a lot of useful stuff there. You can check my personal blog here. So I will write in English to try something new while trying to improve my English. Fear not, I’m going to keep writing personal stuff in my personal blog (which is written mainly in Bahasa) because maybe it’s easier to express my thought in Bahasa J

So the rule is clear, I’ll use English, try to write as many useful stuff as possible and keep any personal stuff away while I’m writing here. Those personal stuffs deserve their place and will be written in Bahasa at my personal blog.

Hopefully, I will write a lot of useful stuff here, and more importantly I hope I will continue to write. Believe me, to start something is not as hard as to keep the passion to do it continuously J


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