Some Crunchy Numbers about Google

Since the first time I used it during high school (like ages ago) I’ve always amazed by search engines, and Google in particular has successfully draw my attention. In 2005, I started studying information retrieval, learning how search engine really works (I’ve written about it in my previous post) and has completely fall in love with it. Most my research interest are even based on indexing and retrieval technology, the very technology that’s act as every search engine’s core.

As late as it may sound, but I started to see Google as a company rather than as a search engine only few months ago. I used to ignore the fact that there is a powerful company behind that amazing search engine. But lately, I found some interesting numbers about this company (I must say that this is unintentional because I stumbled upon them during my research about the search engine, not about the company itself).

Okay so here’s those number :

  1. From July to September 2015, Google’s total revenue is US$ 18,7 billion. Yes, billion, it has 9 zeros and it is in US dollars. Convert it to Indonesian Rupiah and you’ll add 4 more zeros. Now, that’s a lot 🙂
  2. If you’re not impressed enough by previous number, how about if I tell you that on the same quarter, Google’s Net Revenue reach US$ 3,979 billion. Mind your self, that it is net revenue.
  3. By October 2015, Google’s cash assets reach US$ 72.76 billion. I tried to image that number in a pile of cash, wow!
  4. The most amazing number I found about Google is the number of employees that it employs. Only 59.967 persons work in Google by October 2015. For such a highly profitable company, this is a very small (if not tiny) number of employees.
source: Google Annual Report 2015

You might already knew about this or even don’t care about this but I felt that I just have to write about it, so I beg your pardon please, because fifteen posts in a month is not an easy target you know, especially if I had to refrain myself from writing “curcol” stuff, and worse, I had to write it in English as part of commitment I’ve made with myself, hahaha… 😆

This information is valid by the time I wrote them. Try google for “google annual report” for an updated stats.

Some Crunchy Numbers about Google
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