Throughout years and years of being a Final Project counselor, I’ve stumbled upon sooo many students (yes, I mean so many, with three ‘o’s to emphasize) that couldn’t even find a definition of certain word properly. Even worse, with the availability and affordability of internet these days, finding a proper definition should be a piece of cake.

For example, they seem to have problems when I asked them to find definition of word “cache”. I asked them “what is so difficult about finding that definition? What did you tried? Haven’t you googled them?” they simply said that they did google them. Then when I asked them “what’s the keyword?” I suddenly realize that there are two major problem here:

  1. they didn’t use the right keyword, instead they use keyword “cache definition”, “cache means”, “cache is” etc.
  2. they avoid using English, like “definisi cache” or “cache adalah”, certainly it won’t work.

So dear students, here’s my two tips to help you find that definition in an easy way, accurate and more importantly comprehensive and  accountable.

  1. Don’t be afraid to use English, this is the most important
  2. Use “define:cache” in Google Search. Replace the word “cache” with the word that you’re looking its definition for. Look at the example below

    cache - expanded
    Voila! Not just the definition, but origin of words, pronunciation, translation, synonym and many more, you’ll get more than you expect.

No sweat at all and just a piece of cake, right? Hopefully you’ll find these tips useful 🙂

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