Final Project Counseling vs Shopping for Ied’s New Clothes


Student’s behaviour during final project counseling are more and more like customer’s behaviour when they’re shopping for Ied’s new clothes. The closer the deadline, the more will show up. If they’re not STARTED to show up in counseling session 3-4 days before final project exam registration due date, then it’s considered “kurang greget” (I don’t know how to say it in English). So much like shopping for Ied’s new clothes, right? the closer we are to Ied, the more crowded shopping malls will become. The closer final project exam, student’s queue for final project counseling session will become longer and longer.

Let’s take a closer look, as we approaches Ied, there’re plenty of new faces at shopping malls. Same thing actually happen at lecturer’s room, so many new faces there. Rare and “endangered” students who’s never been on sight for months, suddenly appear as the final project exam due date approaches. Exactly, just like you, yes you heard me, I said you! No need to look elsewhere, I am indeed talking about you.

Where have you been these days bro? Shopping malls are already open since who knows when, not just the last 10 days of Ramadhan. Me and my fellow lecturers also have been waiting for you to show up for final project counseling session this whole semester, not just in June

Why did you come now? Why?!! Whhhhhhyyyyyyy????!!!!! Aaaaargghhhh!

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the text "Oi Maneh! Kamana Wae?" in the picture 
means "Hey you! Where have you been?" in Sundanese
similar article in Bahasa also published in my personal blog
Final Project Counseling vs Shopping for Ied’s New Clothes
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