The Man Who Invented Search Engine

Honestly, I didn’t know who invented search engine until few weeks ago. I used to think that the man who invented search engine must be those people behind the most widely used [and most profitable] search engine today, Google.

Sadly, the man who invented the very first search engine is NOT the one who’s making billions of money out of it. That man is Alan Emtage, the man who invented search engine but decided to NEVER post a patent on it. Let’s admit, he’s not very popular, some of us may haven’t heard his name before.

But yes, he’s the father of internet search engine. In 1990 he wrote the very first codes named ‘Archie’ that’ll eventually evolve to what we know as search engine today.


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A humble man with great contribution, you can watch interview with him at Youtube via this link. When people asked him how he felt about billions and billions of money he could’ve earn if only he did patented his invention, he simply said he had no regret, and wouldn’t change a thing. Now Alan, you’re the man! yes you’re the man! I salute you.

The Man Who Invented Search Engine
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