Outstanding Students of Even Semester 2015/2016


It’s the end of semester now. After battling piles of student’s quizzes and assessments for nearly 5 days, I found myself quite satisfied with the result. Well, not all of them pass, it’s a very very rare occassion when all my students pass. There’s always one or two, maybe up to five or ten students (depending on how hard the subject is) that didn’t make it.

This semester I taught three database-related subjects, but two classes where I taught “Advanced SQL” proven to be places where the smart students flock. Almost all students in those two classes show eagerness to learn and many of them has proven themself to be fast-learners and quite skillfull with database. All of this has made my teaching experience in this semester is one of the best that I’ve ever had. Thank you guys, you’re ALL really rock 🙂

Usually, each semester I found outstanding students that manage to draw my attention, proof themself to be talented and finally earn my respect, but they are scattered and the population is not as high as we lecturer wish it to be. But this semester I found a lot of really talented students unscattered, but gathered in two classes, in quite high population too. This is pretty much a rare case in my seven years of teaching experience.

Well, as I’ve mentioned above that almost all students in those two classes show eagerness to learn and many of them has proven themself to be quite skillfull with database, so actually there are quite a lot of students that manage to score an A in Advanced SQL. But, if I have to choose 12 of them which are really stood out among the others, here is my list….

Okay, I know that 12 is too much to be labeled “outstanding” but I think they’re all are exceptional, so pardon me and here is my list (in no particular order):

  1. 6701140058 RIZKY RAMADHAN SUBAGIO (D3MI-38-02)
  2. 6701141191 AKBAR HABIB BUANA WIBAWA PUTRA (D3MI-38-02)
  3. 6701140156 DIMAS ESPINOSA (D3MI-38-02)
  4. 6701141030 ANNISA GHANI PERMANA (D3MI-38-02)
  5. 6701140149 ANGGIT MAGHFIRANI (D3MI-38-02)
  6. 6701144002 FARID ARIA MAULANA (D3MI-38-02)
  7. 6701141080 YUDI HERMAWAN (D3MI-38-03)
  8. 6701140185 KAUTSAR TISAMAWI (D3MI-38-03)
  9. 6701140220 CAESAR GUSTI MUDA PAMUNGKAS (D3MI-38-03)
  10. 6701148241 REYNALDI PRIATNA (D3MI-38-03)
  11. 6701141269 BAGUS PRASETYO (D3MI-38-03)
  12. 6701141234 BASTOMY (D3MI-38-03)

I look forward for the next semester. I hope I’ll find a lot more students like them 🙂

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Outstanding Students of Even Semester 2015/2016
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